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Tutorial - making your paper usage stretch

For newbies asking how to make the use of your patterned paper stretch, this is for you!

We all know once we cut into a sheet of designer patterned paper, we now have "scrap paper" we don't want to waste. If you're like me, I like to use every inch of patterned paper to get my money's worth. Here's how I made this 8x8" sheet stretch in usage and therefore in value:

I was able to get 6 cards (A2 size) out of one 8"x8" sheet of "Rustic Chic" patterned paper by cutting paper into 8 different sizes. I cut the paper at 5-1/2" horizontally first. Then vertically, I cut at 3/4", 2-1/4", 2", and 3".

I could have gotten more cards out of one 8x8" sheet by cutting smaller pieces but I wanted more of the design of the paper to show.

Another way I was able to stretch my paper was to use the tags/embellishments from another paper collection and combine it with the Rustic Chic paper.

The "Hemingway" paper collection is one of our new TAC paper collections. You're gonna love it! Especially the price, $6.95 for 5 12x12" patterned paper and one full sheet of tags and embellishments! This is not the best picture since the papers are much richer in color.

Here is a slideshow of card samples where I combined "Hemingway" paper tags/embellishments with the "Rustic Chic":

I know I have a diagram of how to cut an 8x8" sheet into 10 or more different shapes so you could essentially make 10 cards! Now that's certainly a good way to make your paper stretch!! But for now, you get the idea. Cutting your paper into different angles, sizes can help you stretch out the usage of even one sheet of paper!! Try it and let me know how you did. Have a terrific day!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the great idea! I have lots of great DP I'm afraid to cut into for fear of losing the beauty of its elements. I'm on my way to grab some paper and cutter now. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Grant said...

Thank you so much! I may not be a new Angel but this helped me.


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