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Giveaway! - "Count Your Blessings"

Just a reminder, on July 31st I will be picking one of you who have left a comment on this "Count Your Blessings" post. I will be giving a way the little "Blessing Book" pictured here. If you haven't done so already, scroll down to this post and tell us what has blessed you recently! Have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Like it alot. Kathy

Our Profile said...

Not sure if this is where I'm supposed to comment on what has blessed me, but if not please let me know. I recently was waiting for someone and noticed a man with a very small infant nearby. The man was trying to get the baby to stop crying and was attempting to change her diaper. He sighed heavily and started speaking softly to the little girl. I watched a while and then commented on his ability to soothe his daughter's crying. He told me that the child (who was only 2 months old) was not his, but his friend's (female but not his girlfriend) daughter. I asked how he got talked into babysitting and he told me that he was taking care of the infant by himself because his friend had been incarerated and he felt the baby needed someone who would love it instead of going into a foster care situation. He is single, never married, and has had no experience with children. He just felt lead by the Lord to do this. He even said he'd been taking the baby to church to pray for mom every week. I was blessed by the love and compassion of this man who stepped in to make a difference. Blessings to you, Debbie

Camille's Inspiration Spot said...

First off I wanted to say how cute your little blessings book is. I just love it!

When you asked us to leave a comment on how we have been blessed recently I couldn't help reflecting back to the passing of my mothers husband just 2 weeks ago. My own father passed about 6 years ago and when my mother met Warren just a year later we were all so happy for her because we could see how much they enjoyed each other. They had such a wonderful time traveling together and learning new things from each other. His passing was not expected so it was a great shock and when I got the call from my mother I immediately told her I was coming. I had to take a plane and then rent a car and drive 3 hours because she doesn't live in a major city to get there but that didn't matter to me. I had to be there. She means so much to me. I spent the next week with her and helped her through this time. Most of the other family only came for the funeral but I was able to be with her before and after. We went through pictures from her past and up through the passing of my Dad. I wanted to do this because all her pictures are in cardboard boxes with the history only in her memory and I asked if I could take the pictures and create a scrapbook for her. She is ecstatic about that and can't wait to see the finished product. It was such a blessing to hear her recall the things of her childhood as we placed post it notes on the back of each picture to explain what was happening in each. All of this may sound like normal stuff that a daughter would go through with her mother but the reason this is/was such a blessing to me is that this woman is actually my step-mother. My own mother was not very stable emotionally or physically and passed when I was 17. God brought this woman into my life 38 years ago when I was 11 and is the reason I have a personal relationship with the Lord. Her constant love and devotion to me even when she had 3 of her own children was equal and I never felt like a stepchild. I always knew she loved me and continues to love me and my children just like her own. I feel blessed beyond measure and am in awe at what God has done in my life. Thank you Lord for the blessing of my Mom, Virgina Stowe Marshall Davis. I love you!

baby01 said...

I love your site!

Dawnmarie Davis said...
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Dawnmarie said...

Hi...I love your site!!! I have been blessed recently too! I had been feeling down and out. I couldn't get out of my slump. Along came my mom who is always there to lift me out of my funk. I don't know what I would do without her. She is my rock. I can always count on her. She helped me organize a FUNShop which turned out to be a great turnout. It was the largest party yet. I am now back on the wagon. Thanks mom!! Thanks for letting me share.


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