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Count Your Blessings - Giveaway!

I've been wanting to do this for a while - just hadn't gotten it together. I will be featuring "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS" posts. I'd like you to leave a comment with something that God has blessed your life with lately or at any time of your life. It's just a great way to be thankful and to remember our daily blessings. We can inspire one another

So at the end of the month I will draw from the comments for a winner and will giveaway this Mini Chipboard Blessing Book (whew! long title, huh?) that I just made using some of our new TAC rubber stamps and paper. There's room in it for small photos and for more embellishing.

Leave a blessing comment and get in on the drawing for this Mini Blessing Book!




RitaS said...

Very cute mini album Mary. Love that bird stamp - too cute!
God has blessed me in so many ways - my family who supports me in my creative journey and inspires me daily, for a new ministry with Selah Scrappers, and materialistically -with my husband's efforts in getting a not so easy Easy-Set pool set up so we could spend this weekend of record highs in a swimming pool. (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Summer breezes at a baseball game is a blessing!

NC said...

Love your blog Mary - such an inspiration!
God has definitely blessed me with creativity, good health (after several periods of not so good health) and my parents (I am well into my 30's and still have my mom and dad!).

Stampin' Meg said...

There are so many blessings that I have to be thankful for, Mary. I think one that I reflect on the most often lately is the fact that I can finally be a SAHM for my son.As a single parent for the majority of his life, work and commuting took so much time out of the day. And now that I don't do that, I feel that I can be such a better mom and wife.

D. Lutz said...

Mary, Thank you! I am BLESSED, that I was able to have my feet hit the floor this morning and that I could PRAISE my JESUS FREELY! Also that I and my husband will celebrate our 18th anniversity tomorrow! Praise God!

Mary Leeson said...

Rita sounds like you have lots to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing and I love your work - it's a real blessing!

Anonymous - I love summer breezes too - how refreshing huh? God blesses us with even the smallest of details, huh?

NC what a blessing health is huh? I know the older I get the more I'm thankful for it and I keep remembering 3John2 how "God wants us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers." How awesome to have your parents yet - enjoy every minute you can with them!!

Stampin Meg so blessed you're a SAHM! Yeah! I know I was blessed to be able to be at home with my boys as they were growing up - my husband & I were like-minded on that and God surely continues to bless our family!

D.Lutz happy 18th anniversary to you and your husband - what a joyous time of your lives! I celebrate with you. Are you Debbie and if so, will you be coming to Ritas this weekend? Hope to see you!

Just wanted to reply to those that have commented already. Thanks!

Dawn said...

First I have to say I'm so happy I found your blog today through Allison at Stampin'When I Can! Love all of your work!
I'm blessed with many things in life but one that stands out more than others, the birth of my daughter, Chloe! It took us many years to conceive but we never gave up faith. Today we are blessed with a happy and healthy family!

Linda SS said...

Hi Mary...

I found your link thru Allison & came to see your fun tutorial on the belt & buckle. After browsing your inspirational blog, I also loved your idea on making those cute buttons!!! I wanted to tell you about my 3 little Blessings, my bright blue-eyed grandchildren. God knew that I'd be fighting a difficult battle with cancer, so he blessed me with 3 of the funniest & cutest little people He's ever created to make me laugh continually. The worst of times have actually turned out to be THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE:)

Jennifer Carter said...

I have had a huge blessing in my life recently! My husband, who is a pastor, and I have been praying for over 3 years that the Lord would bless us with another child. We have one son, who is a true joy and will turn 5 in a few short weeks. We were beginning to think that it would never be a reality for us to have another child. After I came home from Seminar I decided on a whim to buy a pregnancy test since I hadn't started my monthly cycle yet(which is always erractic anyway) and the test came out positive! And, LOL, so did the 2nd and 3rd tests!! Praise the Lord!! I am now 8 weeks along and so blessed and thankful!

Anonymous said...

Today is my birthday and this is a blessing that I received form my daughter!
Click here: Blessed, Believing, and Blogging Browns: Happy Birthday Mom!

thanks Kathy

Heather Ann said...

My blessings...where do I start???
*my friends through TAC, scrapbooking, and stamping
*my beautiful daughter, Jaden
*good friends that take Jaden and me camping with them
*grandparents that are so good to Jaden
*my brother and his new baby
*my health (despite my bad habits)
*my husband's safety at his job
*my blog, which has sort of become my journal of daily activities
*my beautiful home
*my wonderful neighbors that have become my friends in the past year
*Jaden's little friends
*old high school buds
*"our" new pool (at my brother's house--which I can see from my front door)
*my little sister and her exciting, dramatic, eventful (never boring) young life
So that's a good start, right?

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