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Make Your Own Marbelized Paper

I went to a rubber stamp convention this weekend (Oh, Hello Sue, Awna, Beth, Michelle! Did we have fun or what?) and I was reminded how much I use to enjoy making my own "marbelized" background paper. Since I hadn't made any in awhile, I wanted to share with you what I made today. (Click on picture for detailed look):

I used this background paper to make this greeting card:

Here's how I made them:

-First, make your own applicator by velcro-ing (is there such a word?)a piece of white felt material to a rubber stamp wood mount (the ones we have left over AFTER we convert our mounted stamps to the quick & easy unmounted Creative Cling system)

-Using alcohol inks: dot 2-3 colors of alcohol ink on your applicator. Pat this on your White Glossy Cardstock, using up & down motions. Then dot 2-4 dots of gold from your
Krylon Leafing Pens on top of that. The gold leafing will begin to separate and you'll begin to see that "marbelized," veining look. Again, pat gently, up and down, sideways til you get the desired look.

-Using TAC Palette reinkers with regular alcohol.

Take your applicator and dab alcohol on it first, then dot 2-3 reinkers on top ofthis. Pat this on your glossy cardstock. Then add your dots of gold leafing and do same as above. It's that easy!! You can look at these pictures to help you out:


Anonymous said...
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Colleen Schaan said...

Found your tutorial from Stampin' When I Can...I love this...off to try it out. Thanks for the tip on the Marvy's...maybe I will have a new use for that gold one!

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

you are the BOMB Mary :)

I have never done this before so I am def. going to be trying this later this evening. I am sure mine will look nothing like yours though, LOL!


Mary Leeson said...

Hey Awna thanks for visiting. It was great seeing your demo at the rs convention - very nice! Did you get to buy your "machine"?

Megan Peacock said...

Fantastic tutorial- very professional looking "slide show"

twinky said...

Thank you for the tips on making our own background paper. It's helping though and it's so adorable to have these designs for a greeting card. Thanks!

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